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 SMS Case Studies

We've examined a few case studies of the Leading more

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Welcome to Web2air SMS text marketing is ideal for local and national retailers of all types wishing to promote products or services, provide purchase incentives, and increase customer loyalty and retention. A retailer, by advertising its SMS program, will build a database of customers that are interested in the retailer's products and/or services. The retailer then uses that database of willing purchasers to send them exclusive offers and promotions. Recipients of those text offers can come into the store and present their offer / coupons right on their cell phones for redemption. Recipients will often forward those offers to friends and family, broadening exposure and eventual sales results.

• Speed up communication to your customer base
• Reduce labour time and cost
• Use SMS for innovative internal process change

We can perform the integration, or we can pssrovide our API's or create new API's. Harness the power of SMS with your own systems, simply and efficiently.The use of SMS can bring many benefits to an organization. In the majority of cases, our base mobile marketing software provides the exact solution. In others, there needs to be integration of SMS functionality into existing legacy systems.


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